Types of alarm Systems for home

December 2, 2017
Fire Alarm

Burglar AlarmAlarms play a very important role in securing property, raising awareness, and providing a warning of a potentially dangerous condition or situation. Most people interact with alarms on a daily basis and it is important to depend upon systems that are both reliable and well suited to specific needs. The alarm clock is a prime example of such a system. There are five types of prominent alarm systems and all users should understand their mechanics and uses.

Burglar Alarm

One of the most common types of alarm system is the burglar alarm, which helps safeguard property against intruders. Many home security systems include a surveillance feature, which helps to provide homeowners with some additional peace of mind as well as the ability to monitor activity. There are numerous innovative features built within the alarm system. Different makes and models offer different combinations of features.


Fire AlarmDescription

Wireless System

Uses a cellular chip or broadband for connectivity rather than hardwires

Video Monitoring

Offers live feeds of what is happening in the home

Motion Detector

Detects movement in the house


Produces a loud noise when a detector is triggered

Intercom System

Allows for communication between different rooms in the house

Door and Window Sensor

Detects when a door or window is opened

The more features included within the alarm system, the more effective it is in securing the home against intruders. As well as features used to deter burglars, many home alarm systems also include alert warnings against fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and power failure.

Alarm Clock 2

Fire Alarm

Fire alarms typically use a combination of smoke and heat detectors, which when triggered produces an audio or visual siren. When installed in large public buildings, there is often the additional option that allows individuals to pull a manual trigger in order to raise the alarm.

Alarm Clock

Although they do not alarm the user of potentially life-threatening conditions, alarm clocks are another type of alarm system that most people depend on daily. Buyers use them for a number of purposes such as waking up at a pre-determined time.
Watch Alarm
Many wristwatches offer a number of additional functions as well as telling time. A basic alarm is one of the most standard features and it is useful for alerting the wearer at certain times throughout the day.
Twin-Bell Alarm Clock
This alarm clock features a simple analogue clock face and two bells that stand above. These are mechanical and spring-driven with restricted functions. For instance, it is not possible to adjust the volume or type of noise produced during the alarm. Most people now use these older versions of alarm clocks as a novelty item or for the vintage appearance.
Digital Radio Alarm
This is the most common form of bedside alarm clock as it wakes the user up gently by turning on the radio at a pre-set time.Car Alarm Numerous variations on the radio alarm clock include CD players and devices that play sounds of nature.
Travel Alarm Clock
A very useful type of alarm clock is the travel alarm clock, which is typically small with basic functions. It is easy to carry around and therefore ideal for taking on business trips and vacations. However, many people now opt to use the alarm feature on their cell phone rather than carry a travel clock.

Car Alarm

The installation of a car alarm makes use of an electronic device in order to deter the theft of a vehicle or its contents. Typically, the car alarm emits a loud and high-pitched siren often in combination with the car's headlights flashing. It is also possible for the alarm to page the car's owner in order to alert them of the situation. Just like any type of alarm, buying the most suitable car alarm means gaining an understanding of the top vehicle alarm models that are on the market.

Civil Defense Siren

This main use of this type of alarm is to alert entire communities of approaching danger like air raids and bad weather conditions such as tornadoes. The use of civil defense sirens is worldwide and can typically generate a sound level of up to 135 decibels.

There are a number of different types of alarm systems available for purchase on eBay including many of those mentioned above. By entering a simple search term into any of the search bars located on any eBay site page, you can generate a thorough list of results. When looking for something specific such as a preferred make or model of alarm, enter a more detailed search term such as " Honeywell Home Alarm Systems." At this stage, it is possible to browse through the products, ask the seller a question, or go ahead and make a purchase.

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