Cellular home Security Systems

October 21, 2019
Cellular Security Systems

Built in cellular module instantly connects to our monitoring center - so you don't need a phone line.

There's no phone line to cut

Burglars are smart; they'll cut your phone line in hopes of disabling your security. SimpliSafe offers the security of a cellular connection to our Emergency Dispatch Center for an immediate response.

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Best value in the industry

Most security companies only offer a cellular connection with the purchase of additional equipment and charge up to $55/month for cellular monitoring. At SimpliSafe everyone gets cellular monitoring included in the flat $14.99/month rate.

Save on phone bills

We designed the system so you don't have to have the added expense of a telephone landline.

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Ingenious Security System

"Get custom-quality security protection for apartment-level prices with SimpliSafe ($199 and up). This ingenious security system uses wireless technology to let the keypad, remotes, motion and entry sensors, and panic button connect to the main base station, which emits an 85-decibel siren and wirelessly contacts the service's dispatch center in the case of an emergency or break-in. The best part? You can take it with you when you leave your apartment, making sure that you're just as safe in your new digs as your old."

Source: simplisafe.com
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