Brinks Home Security safe Model 5059

May 4, 2023
Brinks home security safe

Brink's Home Security 5084 1 Hour Steel Fire Safe

Fire Resistant Safes To Protect Your Valuables

Fire is a tragedy that no one would wish for. With fire, everything turns into ash. No traces is left behind. In science, fire starts with flame. Most common causes of fire can be faulty electrical wiring, improper use of candles, children playing with matches, firecrackers, and even unattended appliances. At the same time, fire destroys houses, including everything that have been worked for, all investments, bad effect on our environment, trauma on some and fire even took away lives of people.

Protection incorporates security. Security incorporates protection. These two adjectives are tangled. People need it. People demand it. When you want protection, you gained security. When you want security, you have protection. There is a company that does their best to present both- Brinks. A brief background about the compan: Perry and Fidelia Brink founded it in 1959. Today, the company has 650 branches in over 150 countries including Canada, Australia, North Korea, Egypt, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and many more. Brinks offers services like Airport Security, Web Information Tools, Check Imaging, Airport Courier, Secure Transportation, Virtual Vault are just some and whole lot more of security services. Indeed, it is a protected company after all.

Nowadays, people wanted to bring protection and security at their own homes. The public becoming cleverer now, they wanted to protect important papers like titles and deeds, birth certificates, bank information, bank transactions, insurance documents, office papers, and material possessions like jewelry, cash, cameras, hard drives, or anything that is of value to the owner. Some may pay rent in banks for safe deposit box and yet again, it costs them too much. In addition, some may not be comfortable in leaving their valuable documents or any other possessions to others, even in banks or storage places. Brinks offers a variety of different solutions for your home safe needs- deposit safes, security cash box, and executive safes. There are many kinds of safe that Brinks have in the market, however, we will focus on Brink Fire Resistant Safe kinds.

Neiko Fit Anywhere Digital Electronic Safe Box for Home, Office, Boat/RV - 550 Cubic InchesBrink Fire Resistant Safe is used with different kinds of security tools like keypad lock, key lock, fingerprint lock, or numeric combination lock or even a combination of keypad and key lock or numeric and fingerprint lock. The security device depends on the models of the fireproof safe that will be purchased. In addition, fire resistance of each depends also depends on the model. In general, these safes can defend up to 1700 degree Fahrenheit or 927 degree Celsius. The safe can last up to two hours of fire resistance and it is tested and proven. Brinks Fire Resistant Safe is made up of insulation materials like insulated panels for the interior and very strong steel and cement for the exterior.

When buying a Brinks Fire Resistant, take into consideration the purpose or the need why to purchase this kind of equipment. Make an estimate of what are the things that you are going to put inside it. It is better to keep a list of it. Consider also future stuffs. Determine the location of the safe. Search and compare Brinks Fire Proof Safe through the internet or call them directly. The price of the safes depends on the class and the size of the safe. Safe’s price starts at $50. The bigger the safe, the more expensive is the asking price.

Different Types of Brinks Fireproof Models

Brinks Waterproof Fire Safe 5017

SentrySafe DS3410 Black Fire-Safe 1.2-Cubic Foot Combination SafeA small safe that can contain important documents and possessions. It is 23 cu feet in size. It can resist fire up to 1550 degree Fahrenheit. It has a 5-year warranty. It uses key lock for safety. Price starts at .00

Brinks Digital Fingerprint Fire Safe 5084

A safe larger than 5071. It can hold documents and possessions of many kinds. Key lock, fingerprint technology and keypad can be used for safety. Price starts at and can go up to 0.oo.

Brinks Fire Safe 5059

It also know as Honeydwell Model 2054. It uses numeric combination as lock. Price starts at .

Brinks Hanging File Fire Safe with Wheels

It can hold documents, valuables like jewelries, CDs, DVDs and computer hard drives. It can resist 1550 degree Fahrenheit. For safety, it uses clamping style key lock. Price starts at $80.

You can see a collection of great home fireproof safes on Amazon.

Press on the Thumbnail to Learn More About Different Home Safe Options

Neiko Safe SentrySafe DS3410 SentrySafe SFW123DSB SentrySafe H2300 Honeywell 5107

Always remember the key combination or numeric combination of your safes. Have a separate note or copy of your combinations. Since the safe contains valuables, make sure to keep it also on a safe place or somewhere that is private. At the same time, if owner forgets the combination or lost the key, they can always ask for support from Brinks. Do not attempt to open the safe on without assistance. You can also reset or change the combination occasionally for additional security. Brinks’ Safes are user friendly so you can always follow the manual when trying to reset combinations. Key locks can also be replaced through a proper process with corresponding payment.

For safe’s location, whether you want it placed at home or at your office, situate it at places where only a few have access to it. Consider also the weight of the safe. If you will place on a cabinets made up of wood that may cause an accident. Put it on places with stable and firm foundations.

Not everyone can afford to buy fire proof safes at home and it remained that prevention is better than cure as the doctor always say. Same as with fire. If property owners can set up smoke alarms, the better. Have sprinklers installed. Orient children not to play with matches and candles without adult supervision. Do not leave appliances like iron or stove unattended or plugged in to electricity sockets. Avoid user extension cords. Regularly check house or office wiring. Provide fire extinguishers.

Brinks offer additional security and protection to our belongings right inside our home. Innovations like this are a big help to the community. It is still and always better that we have planned and prepared than to be attacked with our guards down.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe, Medium Grey SentrySafe H2300 0.36 Cubic Foot Fire-Safe Waterproof Chest

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WARNING - Honeywell 5101 Security Safe
WARNING - Honeywell 5101 Security Safe
Breaking Into A Brinks Safe
Breaking Into A Brinks Safe
Brinks Safe bust
Brinks Safe bust
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