Brinks Home Security Reviews

November 14, 2023
The bellevue school district

I signed a contract with a Brinks representative on April 24, 2006. I paid $249 down and $30.00 a month for 4-1/2 years. I called to cancel my alarm on July 22, 2010 with them due to me fulfilling my obligation with my contract. When I called to cancel, Broadview Associate transferred to Customer Loyalty where I was offered many different offers to stay with the company. I called back a day later and cancelled my alarm/monitoring service. The woman I spoke to was very nice and stated my last monitoring would be on July 26 because that would be the last day of the billing cycle.

On July 26 around 8 pm, I received a phone call from Broadview/Brinks with a man asking me to punch in a code to my alarm system to discontinue monitoring. I punched in the code ** and the call disconnected after a long beep on my key pad. Later that night, I tried to set the alarm so I could use the door chimes, etc. My key pad did not work! I opened the doors and nothing was working. I spoke to my husband who is currently station in Afghanistan and he was outranged and demanded me to call back and ask why our system in our home no longer works.

I called Broadview/Brinks at 10:00 am on July 27, 2010; spoke to Reggie and explained the problem with the alarm not working. Mr. Reggie informed me when you cancel your monitoring, your whole system will be deactivated (not functional) and you cannot use it at all unless you pay to have the system changed to a local system (you have to purchase the system from Brinks/Broadview for $500 and whatever parts you might need in order to change it so it only works in your home) or sign up again for monitoring.

I was transferred to Customer Loyalty again; I spoke to a Shquilta who was none helpful and rude. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke to Peter. I explained to Peter I disagree with the alarm in my home not working due to it not being monitored anymore by his company. I felt that I purchased this alarm equipment due to paying $1560 over the last 4 years and the equipment should still be working even if was not being monitored by his company. Mr. Peter informed me, I own nothing. The equipment in my home belongs to Broadview/Brinks. If I want the equipment to work in my home as a local alarm then, I need to purchase the equipment and pay insulation to convert the operating box over to local system. The cost of purchasing the alarm from Brinks/Broadview will be $500.00 and whatever else I might need (like installation).

I was never at anytime informed until now that Brinks still own the equipment in my home. I was under the notion that by fulfilling my obligation, I would own the equipment due to the amount of money I paid out. I asked Mr. Peter if his company would be so kindly to come out and remove their equipment that they still own and make sure to fill the holes in my walls due to their equipment being uninstalled. Mr. Peter informed me there would also be a charge for them to come out and remove their equipment, however, they will not be responsible for filling in any holes or damages left to my home.

I asked Mr. Peter if I decide to go with another alarm company. Mr. Peter made sure I was aware that this alarm system would not work with any other alarm system. I asked Mr. Peter what we shall do with their equipment when the other company comes to install their equipment. I refuse to be responsible for your equipment I no longer want. Mr. Peter informed me that I will not be asked for the equipment back and the new company can remove and throw it out.

I then went through this whole situation again with Mr. Peter explaining where I did not understand their company’s rules. Mr. Peter tried to inform me on the contract I and my husband signed, it stated in big bold black letters that Brinks own all equipment. All I know is that in the contract that I have in my hand does not state that Brinks will own all equipment after fulfilling my obligation and the system will be none workable after monitoring is discontinued with the company. My contract says I will pay $29.99 a months for 4 years and deducted out of my checking account. Mr. Peter suggested when he has a contract, he fulfills his obligation. I told Mr. Peter to pull out my account because I more than fulfilled my obligation with the contract I signed. Mr. Peter then reoffered to activate my alarm with them updating my equipment by paying an additional fee and signing another three contracts.

Is Mr. Peter for real? I’d rather open up all my windows, put a sign in my front yard for all the thieves and thugs to see, so they can come in, and take everything I own before giving this company more of my business or money. I have had two other alarm companies at previous duty stations and after fulfilling my contract with them, the equipment was ours and continues to work without sending out a monitoring signal to their company. I highly recommend Broadview/Brinks policies should be reviewed and clarified for future customers. I personally feel stolen from and I believe Brinks/Broadview is still trying to ** more money out of me. This is unacceptable and needs to be made right! I want the equipment in my home to work regardless if sending out a monitoring signal.

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