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April 9, 2014
Concrete Block Zombie Bunker

At Hardened Structures our Fortified Homes are custom tailored to our clients particular requirements. We emphasize the family function and quality lifestyles as being the design drivers while all of our Fortified Homes bear an unmistakable architectural signature of safe and secure elegance.

At Hardened Structures our architects can design to your individual architectural style be it Contemporary, Traditional, Colonial, Mediterranean, Beach Front, Southwestern or any personal preference. We can also work with your own architect to achieve the level of protection and perfection necessary for your personal residence. Our security consultants are internationally recognized experts in the fields of building fortifications, personal security, advanced security systems and offensive/defensive components.

At Hardened Structures we employ a Multi-Hazard Engineering methodology that not only recognizes individual threats sequentially, but also address all hazards/threats as simultaneously occurring, so as to insure there is no "Achilles Heel" within our designs. The Protection Program for a Fortified Home is varied and is usually determined by the Client's Threat, Risk and Asset assessments.

The home can be protected against a wide range of threats including forced entry/assaults, climate change, chemical / biological / radiological / explosive (CBRE) agents, air-blast, ground shock, penetration, fragmentation and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading. Along with the Client's particular living, function and storage requirements, the designs also incorporate active offensive and defensive components, and mechanical responses to reduce the effectiveness of any given threat while providing for individual/family long term living requirements.

For most of our clients, one of the most important aspects of designing their Fortified Home is that it not resemble a fortified home and that the outwardly appearance is of a well designed custom home. Only the owners will know the true capabilities and functions of the home which may include:

  • Vaults for firearms and ammunition
  • Vaults for precious metals, cash and other vaulables
  • Remote control Offensive and Defensive systems
  • Hidden compartments and sliding bookcases
  • Emergency escape ways
  • Alternative energy and sustainability systems
  • Vehicle storage and fuel systems
  • Ballistic walls, windows and doors
  • Fire resistance
  • "Off Grid" electrical capabilities
  • Independent water and sewage
  • Advanced security systems, CCTV, sensors and alarms
  • Hidden passages and entrances
  • Underground bomb shelter and storage

Ballistic Level 5 Hardened Home

Features protection from: Bullets, Forced Entry, Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes and Armed Assaults

Fortified Homes are special, and so are the people who choose them. At Hardened Structures confidentiality is paramount. We serve as our Client's agent, representing their best efforts by professionally and stealthily implementing a design/build program to meet any Threat Event.

Fortified Homes can include protection mitigation for:

  • Natural disasters covering earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning and flooding.
  • Ballistic Levels for most weapons from .22 to .50 caliber
  • Forced Entry and Armed Assaults
  • Fire in the immediate surroundings
  • CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological nuclear) air filtration systems
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How To Secure Your Home
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