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July 27, 2017
Best No Contract Home Security

Wants to make home security available to everyone. Rather than have a fancy system that requires complex installation and monthly payments, Novi created a simple device that is a smoke detector, motion detector, siren and camera all-in-one.

Traditional security companies such as Vivint and ADT offer security packages that include 24/7 monitoring and a touch screen control panel. They also require contracts and monthly payments.

Novi is taking a simpler approach with a portable device that attaches to your ceiling. The device connects to your phone and sends you updates and alerts There are no contracts.


While traditional security systems can cost thousands, Novi’s base station and sensor run at $299 with the option to purchase additional sensors for $179. Compare that to ADT which costs $28 a month and an installation fee. Vivint charges $99 upfront and $53 per month for their cheapest option.

“Companies like Vivint and ADT are really focused on blending home automation and security, ” said Tyler Crawford, Novi’s CEO. “We are the lowest common denominator in a good way. It’s what you really care about. If someone breaks in or if your house is on fire. We cover those two things cheaper and better than anybody else.”

Targeting a new audience

Novi is targeting home owners as well as apartment complexes and townhomes.

“There aren’t any options for a rental market, ” said Crawford. “You can’t sign a contract for a security system if you don’t know if you’ll be living there long term.”

The company has partnerships with property managers as well as retail partnerships including Home Depot.


Through Novi’s app you can call the police, sound the siren, turn your system off and view pictures from the security camera.

The company completed a successful in 2014, raising $175, 681 from 848 backers. Novi is now waiting on final approval from the FCC, but the components and parts are all ready, said Crawford. They will have 3, 000 units in the first production run and have sold 97 percent of those already.They expect the product to ship this month.

The 4-in1 system is being manufactured entirely in Utah.

Hardware vs Software

This isn’t Crawford’s first rodeo in startups. Crawford was CEO of Symmetry Wireless, working with high performance wireless technology and was acquired in 2013.

Before that he had a hardware startup, Luxul, that built wireless products and solutions for WiFi and other wireless applications.

The biggest differentiator between starting a hardware and a software business, he said, was you have to buy things to make things to sell things in order to make money in hardware. In software you have less of an upfront cost, but it maybe take more iterations and upkeep in the long run. With hardware there’s always costs associated with building the product.

But for Crawford, hardware startups can be more fulfilling.

“Nothing quite beats having something tangible in your hand or seeing it on the shelf, ” Crawford said. “I love being able to walk into a store and being able to say ‘I built that’. There’s something really fulfilling about that.”

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Looking for a no contract home security system?
Looking for a no contract home security system?
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