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March 15, 2024
IP Security Camera Systems for

I really don't know why the haters are hating on this product. The picture quality is great, the camera set-up is easy, and the price point is reasonable for the equipment received. 100 feet of CAT5 cable was more than what I needed to make all my connections, in fact in most areas I have extra cable coiled up resting in walls and drop ceilings.

Set-up over my Wi-Fi was a snap. Setting the system up to view from iPhone and other mobile devices was a bit more challenging. It required me to call their tech service guys, which by the way were awesome. I gave them permission to take over my system and they configured everything for me while I watched on my screen, all the time I asked questions so I would have a better understanding of what the problem was for the future. BTY - It seemed my VoIP (second router) was not detected by the port forwarding wizard, it was configured manually and everything worked fine after.

Email notifications were a challenge as well. Not very good documentation on this set-up. Since I had tech support on the phone, they assisted with that as well. I created a special email account, dedicated to this alerting, and then added that account to my iPhone, bam! Getting the alerts when motion is detected from my dedicated email address.

Now the marginal things I have noticed about the system.

1-the video feed isn't "real time", there is a slight delay. I noticed this when setting up the camera(s) and checking angles using my iPhone. I would move the camera, several seconds would pass and then the image would move on my iPhone - not good!

2- Also, when using the motion detectors, the same situation would occur. Motion would be activated and the video images captured would reveal nothing. In other words, the image was taken after the object passed through and activated the motion sensor.

3- The motion sensors appear to be very sensitive, even at the lowest setting, which lead to a lot of false alarms.

4- Not sure why this happens, but on occasion the various video feeds would freeze and then start again after a second or two.

I have to call tech support about these issues; there might be a system weak I'm missing. I intended to call them after assembling a list of items to discuss.

All-in-all, I would rate this packaged security product 5 stars. It's better than the alternative, no security at all.

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