Wireless sensors for home Security

November 30, 2015
With Wireless Sensors for

alarm system control panelCellular module inside

sensor locator and controller

85 decibel siren

built-in rechargeable backup battery

Best Keypad in the Industry

Arm your system in HOME mode and your Entry Sensors protect you. When you're headed out, simply press AWAY and your motion sensors add a second line of defense against burglars. Unlike other keypads, ours is wireless and can easily hang right by your front door.

Handy Menu Options:
Edit System Settings and Send Us Test Signals

With our keypad you can also easily change your Master PIN, add & remove sensors, and send us test signals whenever you want to be reassured that you're safe.

backlit LCD display

home & away modes

Full Room Coverage

Detects motion within 30 feet, for full room coverage. You can place motion sensors in corners for maximum range. The sensor provides 90 degrees of horizontal protection and 45 degrees looking down.

Pet Friendly

Your dogs and cats under 50 lbs won't trigger the alarm when you're away. We've designed the sensor to be less sensitive to motion close to the ground. For larger pets, consult us to design a custom placement.

wireless motion sensorsFlexible Install

The sensor is shaped to stand on a shelf, adhere to a wall, or fit in a corner for maximum room coverage. Set the sensor to be active only in "away" mode (so that you won't trigger it while you're home) or both "home" and "away" modes (for rooms that you want covered with a motion sensor while you're home).

30 feet of protection

stand on a shelf or wall-mount with pre-applied adhesive tape

Protect Your Doors and Windows

Install entry sensors on all types of windows and doors as your first line of defense. When the magnet moves more than 2 inches away from the sensor, it triggers an alarm.

Door Chime

Whenever a door or window opens, the Base Station will sound a door-chime and the sensor LED light will flash. So even when your system isn't armed, you'll know if someone's coming in.

Easy Install

SimpliSafe sensors come with the battery pre-installed, adhesive tape pre-applied, and a particularly strong magnet, making installation a snap.

lithium battery inside

indicator light (LED)


home security motion sensor rangeControl Your Alarm

Arm and disarm your alarm with a push of a button. Set your alarm to away after you leave to protect your home. Simply press off to disarm your system as you approach your front door.

Panic Button

We hope you never need it, but just in case, we made sure to put a Panic Button on you Keychain Remote. Pressing this button alerts our Emergency Monitoring Center that you need help fast.

Flash Drive Software

Customizing your alarm settings is made simple with our Easy Set-up Wizard. The wizard is programmed into your Keychain's built-in USB Drive, so you can customize your settings from any computer.

Swivel Keychain Ring

Rotate the key ring for easy loading onto your keychain.

swivel loading

panic button

off and away buttons

USB flash drive

Emergency Alert

With the simple press of a button, you can alert our Emergency Dispatch Center of danger in your home.

Easy Press Surface

The panic button has a large and accessible button surface, making it easy for you to press in case of an emergency. Adhere it to a wall using the pre-applied adhesive tape so you'll always know where it is.

large button surface

discreet appearance: adheres flat to the wall

Wireless Wonders

"With a full array of door and window sensors, plus motion detectors that wirelessly monitor your home for intruders, SimpliSafe is an affordable, but full-featured, wireless security system similar to the expensive, professionally installed ones. Just be sure to remember your pin unless you want to give your neighbors a piercing 85-decibel wake-up call."

Source: simplisafe.com
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