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May 11, 2024
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Life Saved by EMC Security System!

The EMC Security recently received a call from a customer in Loganville, Georgia who asked not to be identified. The customer called to tell us that she believes her EMC Security system had saved her life. She was at home and her security system was armed. She had suffered a medical emergency as she was home alone and not able to move well. Fortunately, she quickly thought to intentionally activate her home alarm to get help. Her dogs began barking and her reaction was to rip the alarm control off the wall. Both actions immediately sent an alarm signal to our local central station who then dispatched emergency response teams.

First responders had to use forceful entry into her home to get her the medical attention she needed. The customer was rushed to the hospital and nearly died. Fortunately, after a few surgeries and a stay in the hospital, she will be back at home resting. Shortly before one of those surgeries, the customer called our representative at EMC Security to express her gratitude and to tell us that she would not be alive today, if she did not have our system. EMC Security would like to express our extreme gratitude to her and to say how thankful we are that she is alive. We wish her a speedy recovery as she is in our thoughts and prayers.

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The Importance of Using & Arming Your Security System!

January 11, 2012- EMC Security received a call from a customer in Loganville, Georgia. She said her house had been burglarized yesterday afternoon. She had forgotten to arm the security system before she left the home. As a result, the alarm system was not activated and no alarms were sent to the monitoring center when the burglars struck her home. She stated that they sustained substantial losses from the burglary. The last signal received on the system was on December 23rd and that signal was a burglary alarm.

Unfortunately, everyday distractions occur that cause people to simply forget to arm the alarm system.

Here are a few tips that may help you remember to arm your system:

-Try setting the system on “chime” so that you hear an a beep or other indicator of the alarm that could help remind you to set the alarm when leaving.

-Set reminders on your cell phone, or try other reminders such as taping a reminder note to the doors from which you exit the home.

-Contact an EMC Security Representative to learn about our exclusive Secure Path™ Technology which allows remote access of your security system from your smartphone or computer, anywhere you have an internet connection. With Secure Path Technology you have the ability to arm and disarm your system from your smart phone or computer, anywhere there is an internet connection. You can also be notified via email or text message anytime there is activity with your home security system.

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Technology Brings You Closer to Home

Advances in security industry technology and the internet have opened up a world of new possibilities for consumers. The security industry seized upon the available technology to build value among their customers. The advent of the security system app quickly grew to include the control of thermostats, lights, and locks. Customers can now control the electronics in their home from anywhere they have an internet connection.

EMC Security Sales Manager, Michael Morton says, “the early adopters of this technology were ‘techies’, but now we’re seeing customers from all walks of life electing to add these services to their home.” Morton credits the low cost of the service and the convenience of remote system controls with the rapid growth in the “connected” services demand. EMC Security has developed our exclusive Secure Path Technology™ that allows these types of connected services.

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