ADT home Security costs

June 23, 2023
ADT home security costs ADT

How much does ADT monitoring cost a month?

It all depends. ADT offers several monitoring packages, each one differently priced. The ADT monitoring monthly fee for the Essentials package is $36.99, which comes to a little over $9 per week. To put that cost in perspective, you might spend as much on your daily cup of coffee. If you go with a monitoring package that offers more features, the monthly rates vary.

The good news is, no matter which package you choose, you’re sure to get a good deal on your protection. ADT monitoring boasts more than six million customers across the United States and Canada, and there’s a reason why they stay with the same trusted provider year after year.

What can I expect from ADT? A monthly fee? Quarterly fee? Yearly fee?

You’ll be able to arrange payments based on your pre-selected billing schedule. It’s up to you to pick a billing system that works for your lifestyle. If you’re inclined to do everything online, you can even get started with paperless statements from ADT. Monthly cost, account balance and emergency contacts are all available right on your computer screen.

What else can I expect from ADT monitoring?

Most homeowners look at price as a significant factor when it comes to big purchases like a home security system. While it’s always important to consider your budget, you also have to consider what’s behind the numbers. With security monitoring by ADT, monthly cost is just one consideration. Think about all the great features and customer care you receive when you sign up with America’s most trusted security monitoring service:

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring service
  • Motion detector, doorway sensors, wireless keychain remote
  • Available upgrades
  • And much, much more

Plus, consider how security monitoring could save you money in the long run. Having ADT monitored security service could help you save on your homeowner’s insurance.** Not to mention, monitored home security can help deter would-be criminals who could cause thousands of dollars in lost property and damages. In its 2012 Uniform Crime Report, the FBI estimated the average dollar loss per burglary at $2, 230.

Get ADT monitoring today

There’s a lot to like about ADT monitoring: monthly rates that you can easily afford, 24/7 monitored alarm service, superior customer support and more. If you’re interested in learning more about the nation’s #1 monitored security provider, pick up the phone and call today. A security representative will explain everything you need to know to get the right ADT monitoring package for your home.

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Deaf woman slapped with home security alarm fines in Vallejo
Deaf woman slapped with home security alarm fines in Vallejo
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