Best Buy home security cameras

March 11, 2024
Samsung #HintingSeason

Samsung SmartCam SNHP6410BN HD Pro Wireless Security Cam: Keep track of what goes on in your home, even when you're not there. This monitoring system lets you talk through your phone to anyone in your house, receive alerts when motion or noises are detected, and capture crystal-clear images in all lighting conditions.

Download the free app to access the system remotely

Personalize notifications, watch video, and make changes from your computer or compatible iOS or Android device.

Monitor your home in real time

Receive instant notifications on your mobile device or PC when motion or noises are detected, program the camera to capture a scheduled time or record continuously, and view the footage from anywhere.

2-way communication

Built-in microphone and speaker let you hear what happens around the camera and talk back through your phone, no matter where you are.

Capture high-resolution footage

Full HD camera uses advanced image sensors to record crystal-clear video.

Powerful night vision for up to 16 ft.

Monitor your home or business, even in low-light or no-light conditions.

Enrich the quality of your video

Light Enhancer improves visibility in dark areas so you can view clear and detailed images.

128° field of view

Captures an expansive area of your property for high-level security when you need it.

Personalized for your priorities

Detect movements and receive alerts for up to 3 specific areas, or zones, throughout your home, such as entrances or windows.

Save essential images

Set this function within the free app and use a microSD card (sold separately) to store footage.

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Top 10 Best buy Security Camera System
Top 10 Best buy Security Camera System
The best home security camera
The best home security camera
Top 10 Best buy Dome Security Cameras
Top 10 Best buy Dome Security Cameras
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