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October 13, 2020
Out door security cameras with

quicken_sponsor_badgeUnlike other security cameras you had in decades past, the Welcome is easy to set up and install. It also doesn’t look like a typical camera, which helps it blend into the background and not freak out your house guests.

Its most prominent feature, however, is its strong face recognition capability. If you aim the Welcome at your front door, you can set it up to notify you whenever a specific person comes home, or if there is someone unrecognized stepping inside.

Using the Welcome’s app, you can see who is in your house in real time, browse its footage to see past logged events, or view what’s happening at that exact moment. Are the kids home from school? Has someone let the delivery guy in? Is grandma having a gentleman over? Now you know.

The Recipes

Filling your home with smart devices is just the start. The real power move is making all those devices talk to each other. A service called If This Then That (IFTTT) has pre-made recipes that can connect your various devices to each other. You can use the service to program your gadgets to run routines, react to triggers, or pass commands to other devices in your home. The Internet of Things is a string of connections between pieces of hardware, so set them up to control each other.

The Grand Entrance
We all dream of impressing our friends and loved ones with an unforgettable grand entrance. Use this IFTTT recipe to trigger a Logitech Harmony system to play your personal theme song whenever you stride through the front door.

Not Until Your Homework Is Done
Your kids are always trying to turn things on when they’re not supposed to. Use this recipe to switch off a Belkin WeMo Switch whenever they come home. Then, you can decide when they’re able to turn on the TV, the microwave, or anything else.

Stranger Danger
Maybe you’re working in your home office, or in the garage, or maybe you’re making dinner in the kitchen. And maybe your kids just let someone you don’t know into your house. Automatically turn your Philips Hue lights red when someone unknown has stepped inside.

You’re Outta Here!
You and your partner are out getting mani-pedis again, and someone you don’t know just walked through your front door. Nothing like an earsplitting alarm to get them to turn tail and run. Trigger your Scout Alarm siren when your Welcome sees someone it doesn’t recognize.

Entrance Tracker
Admit it: You’re a person who lives to keep records of absolutely everything. Use this IFTTT recipe to log a Google Document every time your Welcome detects motion.

Infrared Day/Night Security Camera Installed at Front Door
Infrared Day/Night Security Camera Installed at Front Door
Pac12 Front door Security Camera
Pac12 Front door Security Camera
Home Security Camera | Door Peep Hole Viewer
Home Security Camera | Door Peep Hole Viewer
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