Remote Security Camera Monitoring

July 20, 2016
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Remote Surveillance – Offering Security as Well as Savings for your Commercial or Industrial Premises

Eyewitness Surveillance provides remote interactive video surveillance to commercial businesses to reduce or eliminate onsite guard services. Eyewitness has world-class digital remote cameras, remote monitoring software analytics, and perimeter intrusion technology. When the analytics detect targeted behavior, an alarm is triggered into the state-of-the-art Eyewitness Tactical Operations Center. Highly-trained remote surveillance security professionals visually assess the video and speak to the subject to prevent further unwanted actions. Remote security camera solutions save money by preventing theft, inventory damage and false claims.

Investing in Remote Video Monitoring is One of the most Important Business Decision You will Make

You have a lot to take into consideration when operating a business facility. Safety, security, and loss prevention are all vital concerns but they are sometimes seen as competing with the core functions of a business. This could not be further from the truth. Remote surveillance systems are worth more than their weight in gold because of all the problems they prevent, and all of the problems they help to solve in the aftermath of an incident.
Just knowing that a building is well covered by a state of the art, competent remote video monitoring system can inspire confidence and compliance in the overwhelming majority of people who enter the premises. Remote surveillance makes us all feel safer, and it also makes us feel more accountable for our actions while in public and private spaces. A truly modern remote video camera security system is a necessity, not an option in today’s business climate.

Be Proactive and Stop Theft Before it Happens with Remote Video Surveillance

More than Just a Remote CCTV Camera, Eyewitness is a Full Featured Crime Prevention Tool
A key feature of a remote video monitoring system from Eyewitness Surveillance is our ability to communicate to individuals on the scene. We can remind people that they are being seen via remote surveillance. Individuals behaving in ways that are questionable can be given a warning which usually is enough to end an incident before it happens. If that does not happen, Eyewitness Surveillance alerts authorities while continuing to verbally engage the suspect. We work extensively with local authorities to keep response times low for this very purpose.

You Can’t Afford Not to Protect Your Business with a Superior Remote Surveillance Monitoring Service

Loss, Damage, and Liability as the result of preventable incidents at the place of business are some of the largest costs companies deal with today. Eyewitness remote video monitoring service and equipment does a lot more than just provide peace of mind to managers and business owners – it actively protects people and assets with 24/7 real time monitoring of your premises. We combine the latest in remote camera surveillance technology with strong local law enforcement relationships to stop incidents in their tracks. Prevent criminal activity, increase workplace safety, and reinforce compliance with your own Eyewitness remote surveillance system. When it comes to protecting your business, you can’t afford not to.

Zavio IP Cameras Remote Camera Monitoring
Zavio IP Cameras Remote Camera Monitoring
EYE-02 GSM Monitoring Security Camera first run
EYE-02 GSM Monitoring Security Camera first run
EYE-02 GSM Monitoring Security Camera overview
EYE-02 GSM Monitoring Security Camera overview
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