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January 13, 2024
Of a home in San Francisco

It wasn’t long ago that home automation was a concept for the future, but today Comcast is utilizing cloud and broadband-based technologies that make innovations like remote home security and lifestyle management accessible to consumers right from their smartphones.

Xfinity Home is a new generation of services that allow users to control or monitor security cameras, smoke detectors, thermostats, lighting and motion sensors, all through an in-home touch screen console or remotely through a Web-based portal or Internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Cloud technology and Comcast’s large-scale network — including the largest private cloud in the country — have made it possible to deliver these services to customers across the United States.

Comcast has established new partnerships that will drive additional innovation in this realm. Xfinity Home can further reduce their energy usage and save more money on utility bills year round. Through a collaboration with EcoFactor, a leading provider of energy management solutions, Xfinity Home will be able to adapt home temperature settings automatically, taking into account personal habits and preferences, as well as unique heating and cooling patterns. The result is more efficient and cost-effective home energy systems for families.

This advancement is just one example of what is possible when combining Comcast’s vast network and cloud technology. It shows that the future of what’s to come in home automation is limited only by our imagination.

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