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April 16, 2023
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XFINITY Home lets you stay connected to your home anytime, anywhere. You can remotely arm and disarm your system, see when the kids got home with video monitoring, turn on your lights before you walk in the door and even adjust your thermostat – all from your smartphone or tablet.

- Remote arm and disarm
- Real-time text and email alerts when alarms are triggered and motion is detected*
- Remote video monitoring*
- Lighting and thermostat control*
- Supports Works with XFINITY Home smart home devices — Nest Learning Thermostat, August Smart Lock, Lutron Caséta Wireless Lights, & Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener*

- Wi-Fi or 4G cellular internet connection
- XFINITY Home service
- Comcast ID or email address and password
(Need your Comcast ID? Go to

*Purchase of additional hardware may be required.
Disclaimer: Not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. Service and equipment sold separately. Services and features vary based on service package.

The Key To Success
by Felicia_E

Is certainly not this app.

This is absolutely thee worst system and app available. In most, if not all, instances the camera either fails to load or takes an abnormally long time to load. I'm confident the issue is not with my device but with this poorly designed underperforming app. The developers of this app don't want us to win!

I was sold this system by a rep at my local Comcast center. She ensured me that if I signed up with the system (where you monitor the cameras) I would be able to install the system myself, have 24-7 recording capabilities and have access to a Comcast rep via phone support if assistance was needed. The devil is a liar 😡.

The app just recently introduced their version of 24-7 recording capabilities however the rules you set do NOT allow more than 150 videos saved per day - this means the rules will not work for recording every minute. The mounting of the ONE camera I received sucked. When I called the # for assistance with logging in to finish the 'synch' a rude, unprofessional woman answered the phone. She knew less than me and even hung up me.

Thankfully, I kept my Uniden software cameras which do not require an additional fee monthly to monitor your own property. The software records 24-7 and saves to your own hard drive and/or network location plus the software rarely crashes. You can even turn the cameras using their software.

Great in theory, not in practice
by Fastplant

Update: I like the new ability to record video and take pictures right from the app. Video still buffers like crazy and takes forever to load.

The idea behind this system is great. But it's not executed well. The system is extremely slow to connect. So, trying to quickly view the camera is something that is not going to happen. Makes me feel very unsafe (the opposite of why I purchased this) when you hear a noise or a knock at the door and it takes up to 5 minutes to finally view the camera feed. And that's when the camera connects at all. The camera itself needs to be constantly rebooted (unplugged and plugged back in) or else it doesn't work. I'm hoping future updates will come quickly and fix these issues, as it is our safety that is at risk.

by 12345 app has bugs

System hangs up. Camera hangs up at times. Touch pad has a camera that the software doesn't recognize. What the heck! Many times, I have to kill the app and go back in. Not ideal at all. Not reliable by any means. Comcast techs are aware, but yet nothing gets done. Are the developers? ALSO there is NO constant record capability. Recommended the system be able to record for two hours, then start another two record. The next would write over the first two hour block. That way if someone did break in, you could have a recording of the criminal. Right now the only way to record is if you press the record button. I am not sure how long that would last.

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Home Depot co-founder curbs Chris Christie support
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