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February 9, 2023
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business security checklistRecently, in the San Fernando Valley, a thief used the UPS package tracking app to scoop up packages just minutes after they had been delivered. He was ultimately captured thanks to the police and the home owner’s high-definition surveillance system. Read the news story here. Criminals like the kind who will snatch a package off…

Is your commercial property an open door for thieves? It’s an important question to ask. Consider that businesses in the United States lose an estimated $33 billion due to theft. And if you swear by the trustworthiness of your employees, we hate to burst your bubble: most of that $33 billion is stolen by—you guessed…

Are you a California business owner or manager, or someone who has a stake in protecting a business from theft or fire? If so, we’ve got some exciting news. Bay Alarm has just released its first e-book created specifically for you: The Insider’s Guide to Security and Fire Protection. As experts in California property security…

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, California ranked in the top 3 states for non-residential fires. If you’re a business property owner or manager, here’s another fact you’ll want to know: The vast majority of non-residential fires happen in business offices. As you can imagine, a fire in the commercial workspace can be devastating—from…

The United States has the unenviable distinction of being the world’s leader in burglaries: a burglary is committed every 15 seconds in this country—that’s 4 burglaries per minute! Once inside a house, burglars steal, on average, $2, 000 worth of items. Did you know that $2, 000 is more than what it costs to install an alarm…

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Chuango CG8800K8 Security Alarm
Chuango CG8800K8 Security Alarm
Atlanta Airport Security Alarm
Atlanta Airport Security Alarm
ED-50 Security alarm Watch Dog Function 4
ED-50 Security alarm Watch Dog Function 4
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