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December 17, 2018
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Moved to a new residence and canceled my alarm monitoring. Was told that I still had 6 months on my contract and that I would be charged. Okay, fine. They kept deducting the amount from my account every month, until January when I finally called. Tried to sell me a new system. Said I would think about it. Offered me three months credit to sign up again (which is what they kept deducting after my contract ended), then I get a "Thank you for renewing" letter. Nothing was renewed. Called them back, was transferred to three different people, and now I get a one month credit. Was finally told that I needed to send a letter to cancel. Really? Six months later? Told the rep I didn't want anything to do with them again. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They are your best pals when selling you something, but it's not worth it.

UPDATED ON : After posting my first review, I received a call from Monitronics wanting to resolve this matter because they were concerned about my public comments and review. Because they wanted to keep me happy, they were going to waive the need for me to submit a letter of cancellation. While I appreciate them doing this, I am still not getting a refund for paying for a service that I did not receive. I asked about a refund for three months of service, which is approximately $143.00 and was told that it was not possible.

Good to know that this national company isn't willing to do the right thing for this amount of money to avoid a horrible review. Just to be on the safe side, my cancellation letter is on its way to them, and as predicted when I was speaking with their representative, I have not received any email confirmation about the action they have taken regarding my account. This is the third time I have been promised an email and have received nothing. If my customer service was as bad as Monitronics, I would be fired from my job.

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